Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Daring Deer

today i was driving home in the darkness and i saw many deers on the side of the road... bloated and DEAD! and this makes me think, why doesnt someone do something about these animal bodies? dont they deserve proper burials as well? to answer my own thought with another thought, NO DEER DO NOT DESERVE PROPER BURIALS!! you know why? not because they are animals and not people, but because they are terrorists! you heard me right. just think about it, we ruthlessly kill the dear with guns and bows and knives and whatever weapon those rednecks use to murder those poor animals for sport, and they are helpless. they have no way to get revenge on us... but wait my fellow friend, thats where you thought wrong. THEY DO HAVE A WAY!!!! AHHHHH!!!! you may be thinking to yourself at this very moment, how in the sam hill could deer get revenge on us? they have hooves for hell sakes! but they can. all they have to do is sacrafice their own lives and stand in the middle of the road, only to be hit by our cars, and cause us to get into car crashes and die!!! People, oh good people, this is not a hoax. our biggest terrorist threat right now isnt the crazy iraque people, it is the god forsaken deer that seem harmless but are really aiming to kill us off! Bambi aint no innocent little dear who plays with skunks and flowers, he is a downright killing machine. do you think that if we stopped killing the deer that terrorist attacks would come to a halt? just a little food for thought.

peppy platypus

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