Monday, April 12, 2010

loving Llama

what is love? i wish i knew how to explain that wacky feeling. love and i have a "love hate" relationship. well actually, i dont know if i know what love really is. i know what i think it is. i think its when you really cant get that person off of your mind and everything that is going on around you reminds you of them. i think its when you cant stop smiling and laughing when you are with them and no matter how goofy you act they still want to kiss you at the end of the night. what would the world be without love? actually, the world would not even be here anyways. because without love there would be fighting all of the time and no one would care about each other and our whole existance would go to crap. so sometimes you may think to yourself "i hate love" because lets face it, love is a kick to the pancreas sometimes. because you can love someone all you want, but they dont always love you back. and at times like that it feels like your whole life will come to a halt... but, it doesnt. and your life will go on and you will somehow find yourself in love once again. isnt it a wonderful thing? it truly is. so next time someone tells you they love you, dont be stingy, say "i love you too" and you will probably make yourself feel useful in this world. Do you think that the people that hate love end up to be serial killers? just a little food for thought


peppy platypus

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