Thursday, April 15, 2010

peeing porcupine

you know what i hate? when you have to pee really really really bad. like when you are sitting in your chair jittering and moving all about because of it. how come me move so much when we have to pee? do you think its because it makes us distracted so we dont think about the urine? or maybe it makes it so when we move like that it completely blocks of our pee shoot. all i know is that i hold my pee a lot. just because i feel like i need to do better things then take a minute to go in the bathroom, take my pants off, pee, then put my pants back on and wash my hands. i think the whole process takes about three minutes. three whole minutes of wasted time that i could have used to be doing something awesome. but like everyone in the world, i too have to pee. i wish there was a surgery that i could get that would make it so my pee would just evaporate in my body and come out as farts that smell like pee. that wouldnt be so bad. Did you know that there was a famous mathemitition once that felt the same way that i did. and one day he really didnt wanna go pee cuz he was probably on the verge of a mathematic breakthrough and BAM! his blatter exploded and it killed him. do you think that im going to die of blatter combustion?

peppy platypus

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