Sunday, April 11, 2010

hungry hippo

ok so i have to kinda make this blog a little bit short because i am engulfed in my favorite television program and its a commercial. in case you were wondering what the best show on t.v. is and will ever be is iron chef america. i absolutely love it. if you dont know what that is or if you have never watched it then you are a square. it is on the food channel (obviously) and i would have to say that my favorite chef is Bobby Flay. to admit it right now i have a little bit of a crush on him. i just want him to make me delicious food and in return i would give him my love forever. i also think that the food channel is very underestimated and very unappreciated. i love watching people prepare delicious meals and plate them in interesting ways. maybe i just like it because im a fat ass and all i ever do is eat all day. or maybe i like it because it is very invenitive and it captures the soul with its wonderful television programs. like the ace of cakes... how do they craft such a wonderous piece of art out of cake??? and like barefoot contessa... how does such and old lady lure you in with her strange personality and crazy ideas for food?? and obviously iron chef... how do they cook up high class meals in merely an hour??? to these questions i have no answer but i will tell you this. everyone on iron chef is classified in my book as a god and should be treated as such. thank you culinary giants who bring joy and happiness to my life and flavor to my food. do you think that someday i could become a cook? just a little "food" for thought. hehe.

with a hungry belly,

peppy platypus

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