Thursday, April 8, 2010

friendly falcon

i would like to speak to you today about best friends. just because i am feeling a bit heartfelt tonight. I have a wonderful best friend. her name is.... merry manitee. even though platypuses arent regularly friends with manitees, this manitee is an exception. she is very very funny. like when she says very big words sometimes that dont always make sense, but i still appreciate her vocabulary. and we are very simalar. we both appreciate the food channel (even though she hates rachael ray and i absolutely love her) and we both like brown boys, and we both like old music and we both love to eat and nap a lot. and you know what is very sad? she has moved away from me and left me all by my lonesome. stuck in a hell hole of a town that is boring and tiny and the only way that it was ever awesome was when she lived here. but soon we will be reunited and everything will be back to normal again. you know what i think makes her the bestest friend ever? she is a very good sleeping partner. she stays on her side, and usually doesnt steal the blankets and deals with my sleep talking and sleep walking (which i would be scared of if i was her). so you may think that you have a best friend, but ask yourself.... are they easy to share a bed with at sleepovers? if not, they are not a true best friend. do you think that maybe best friends were really supposed to be sisters but something terribly wrong happened so they just have to settle for being best friends? just a little food for thought.


peppy platypus


  1. my favorite post yet.
    keep up the good work.
    you are a philosopher of our generation.

  2. hey, you're right.
    she doesn't even spoon unless you ask her too nicely!