Wednesday, April 7, 2010

flatulent flamingo

you know what really befaffles me? farts. i mean, im no doctor... so i have a few questions about these strange things. like, why do they come out our butt holes? why are they called "farts"? what causes flatulence? why do some foods make us more gassy? and last but not least, why are they so gosh darn hilarious? sometimes i like to think that farts come from a little demon that lives in our stomachs, and when we are in the most volnuerable situation (like mackin it with some hotty boombaratti) he conjures up his evil powers and sends the stinky fluster of air down our poop shoot. well listen here little demon in my stomach, I AM SICK OF YOU! and it would be very thoughtful if you would only have my farts come out when i am in an appropriate place, like the bathroom...or in the face of someone that i seriously dislike. one more thought that i would like to touch up on that is on the subject of farts... do you think that if you ate your fart then it would give you bad breath? maybe i will try it some time and get back to you on that. and also, do you think that if you swallowed someone elses fart then it would go inside you and cause you to be "silent but deadly" in return? just a little food for thought...
pepply platypus

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