Friday, April 9, 2010

lying lizard

you know what really chaps my khakis? when people lie. ok, so i do it sometimes too, but only in situations where it needs to be done. like... when im late for school, or caught sneaking out of my house or something where lying is appropriate. but when people are compulsive liars, it just makes me want to kick them in the mangina. for example: there is a girl i know who always fakes injuries. one day she will have a broken foot and then the next day she will be skipping on it. well let me tell you something, broken bones dont heal in a day stupid woman!! and then theres when guys lie, which everyone knows that they do all the time. I think they feel like they have to "stretch the truth" because they want other guys to think they are awesome. like if they make out with a girl, they will be telling the whole school the next day that they went the whole 9 yards! stupid men and their sneaky stories. but then, there is liars that make up a story and then it changes every time they tell it. if they feel the need to lie, they can at least do it properly and get their stories straight. do you think that if no one lied there would be world peace? or complete disaster? just a little food for thought


peppy platypus

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