Monday, April 5, 2010

salvatory spider monkey

so today i decided that i hate step parents. acutally i only hate one step parent. whose idea was divorce anyways? they should be cursed because if it wasnt for divorce then i wouldnt have to be dealing with my step father these days. to put a picture in your head of what he looks like: he has REALLY LARGE teeth that look wooden...almost like a replica of george washington's wooden tooths. and he has a shnauz (a.k.a. nose) the size of georgia... maybe larger. and a great big wide barrel chest that has prickley hairs on it because he shaves his chest to look younger i think. anyways... thins pooper scooper thinks that he can be the boss of everyone just because he is a man. which brings me upon another subject. men... i despise them. but im not a lesbian. they just think that just because they have a dick they can do whatever they want. well news flash male species... you arent too cool for school. and us women are sick of you! I wonder if the world could function without men? like maybe we could find a way to replenish the earth without them?? i think scientists should start working on that idea. just some food for thought.


peppy platypus

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